One of a Kind Handmade Charm Necklaces

Charm Necklace Collection

What makes these necklaces different is the addition of multiple charms that can be added or removed from the piece. They are fashioned from various materials, enameled beads, bone, shell, glass, wood and stone many with conversational themes.

Animals, insects and flowers are wired on silver or antique gold rings which hang from the piece.

Their movement and magical presence are very appealing.

One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry Charms
I Green fluorite and tourmaline with enamel and silver accents
II Aquamarine chunks with black fresh water pearls, peach moonstones and enamel accents
III Lucite orbs with faceted rings and silver accents
IV Ruby and zoisite beads surround a bejeweled antique carved jade frog with amethyst and silver accents.
V Antique African trade beads with natural rock crystal, bone, porcelain and silver
VI Gold detailed beads surround ebony African inlaid wood beads, accented with onyx and amber
VII Carved green turquoise with rose colored jade fresh water pearls and blown glass
VIII Rare golden Quartz with grey and black inclusions combined with African clay beads and carved cicada
IX Carved bone fish and jade rings float on silver balls
X Amazing faceted tiger eye beads ofnatural blue, gold and wine colors combined with glass and porcelean
XI Rare African black and white stripe trading beadings accented with red porcelain and yellow jade
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