One of a Kind Handmade Pendant Necklaces

Judith Appelbaum

Judith Appelbaum - Biography

Judith Appelbaum brings a distinct and immediately recognizable style to her bold one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Her strong background in textile and interior design is apparent in her creative use of color and composition. This, along with her vivid imagination, passion, sense of humor and joy in the unexpected are reflected in each piece of jewelry.

Judith lovingly creates each necklace, bracelet and earring by hand in her New York City studio using multiple elements ... precious, not-so-precious, antique or new ... as long as they inspire her. Some of her pieces are extremely intricate, with an interwoven ruffled ribbon or a dangling carved creature, while others may be a row of amazing colored stones on a simple silk cord creating a classic, timeless look.

Any piece you select has the "Judith Appelbaum" imprint. Her designs transcend the fashions of the moment and are works of art that will endure and can be treasured forever.

Judith's clients are as unique as her jewelry, many of them being artists and designers in their own right. These women are successful and confident, with an abundance of style and good taste. They pass up the trendy and mundane and continue to add more pieces to their "J.A." collection.

Aside from the occasional craft show, the collection can be seen by appointment in her NYC studio.