One of a Kind Handmade Pendant Necklaces

Pendant Necklace Collection

The nature of the pendant design elongates the necklace creating a "Y" pattern that accentuates the décolleté.

The center pendant can be an a amazing slice of colored marble cut in a modern design, a bronze engraved lion's head, or a carving of bone, jade or agate suggesting a civilization from long ago.

One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry Pendants and Necklaces
I Amethyst stone petals combine with silver beads and silk ruffled ribbon to surround an antique jade dragon
II Porcelain and silver beads along with rare Chinese lamp work beads highlight an amazing black and red marble pendant
III Jade horse gallops across the silk ribbon, accented by African batik bone beads, Onyx and silver
IV White Turquoise, silver and porcelain beads accent this rare Rhodonite centerpiece.
V Green cat's eye, silver, and goldstone accent this unusual carved jade piece of soft eggshell color
VI Fabulous French amber Buddha head mixed with jade, silver and porcelain on silver and copper cord
VII Three different stone pendants wrapped in silver and gold wires, can be ordered separately
VIII Dramatic and ancient fossilized Pyrite sun with black Fimo clay frame
IX Unique antique cobalt glass carving surrounded by enamel and silver beads
X Fluorite crystal with gold and silver wire accented with fresh water pearl
XI Carved cinnabar butterfly surrounded by multicolor resin cubes and Carnelian and jade accents
XII Carved wood Cicada framed with white turquoise and antique turquoise and shell pieces
XIII Unusual black jade Cicada mixed with Smoke quartz, silver and lamp work beads
XIV Carved coral resin disc surrounded by African inlaid and Unikite beads
XV Turquoise, river stones and coral beads surround this amazing teal colored cinnabar cicada on leaf pendant
XVI Spectacular black and green jade phoenix is combined with pale green Lucite on silk ribbon
XVII Large jade disc with carved wood animal beads strung on silver and copper leather cord
XVIII Carved Chinese grey jade disc with dragon motif, framed with smoky quartz and black jade and antique ribbon.
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