One of a Kind Handmade Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklace Collection

Adorning your neckline, these chokers are bold and chunky or smooth and sensual. Some have a tribal influence, while others are quite contemporary.

Many necklaces are asymmetrical in design, surprising you with one exceptional eye catching piece.

One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry Choker Necklaces
I Ruby Murano glass swirls with faux pearls and rhodium stars
II Large faceted agate slices, fringed with emerald green
III Chinese etched bone "story beads" spaced with detailed silver beads
IV Rare faceted fossilized coral rectangles with 18K gold plate beads
V Black lava glass with ancient fossilized ammonite accented with 18Kplate beads
VI African green lamp work glass and speckled porcelain beads on hemp
VII Shell with carved African clay beads, with Lucite and silver accents
VIII Bamboo shaped amber with enamel and silver accent beads
IX Turquoise mottled discs surrounded by fresh water pearls and rhodium stars
X Large French amber beads with enamel and silver accents
XI Spring green jade petals spaced with multi colored mother of pearl beads
XII Amazing blue and orange African trading beads with silver accents
XIII Green fluorite chunks accented with black and white frosted glass discs and Chinese silver
XIV Hand carved and polished Australian wood beads and rhodium stars
XV Polished chevron amethyst beads combined with satin finish amethyst chunks and silver accents
XVI Green dolomite free form beads and rhodium stars
XVII Hand painted dragons on porcelain beads in the style of Miro
XVIII Picture jasper with silver and copper accents
XIX Unique Spiny oyster beads with exposed Mother of Pearl finish accented with fresh water pearls and silver
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